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Test the Waters
Without Getting Wet

Validate Impact with a Predictive Performance Score

A/B testing can come at a price literally. You have to pay your dues and put in time to understand what works. Keywee’s Predictive Performance Score shows you what’s most likely to work, cutting down testing costs and saving you time and resources.

Generate Copy in 3 Clicks

Marketing Text Creation at Scale

As marketers we are in a constant battle to optimize our communication channels. Text is usually the best place to start, but it’s also incredibly time consuming. Keywee accelerates workflows by generating multiple text variations at scale so you can get more done and move on.

Optimize for Every Channel and Format

Craft Unique Messages for Multiple Platforms

Anyone who ever bought a pair of jeans knows that one size does not fit all. Same goes for marketing text – different channels require different messaging. Keywee lets you generate messages that are tailored to specific platforms, and helps you perfect them so the right people take notice.

Say Something New

Brainstorm Text Variations and Messages

One of marketing’s biggest challenges is finding different ways to say the same thing over and over. Writer’s block is real, even for non-writers. Keywee helps you come up with ideas, even if your brain is drawing a blank.

Why Keywee Works

Our AI employs Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Models that have been trained on tens of millions of successful ads and social media posts. We know what success looks like and we help our customers achieve it with exceptionally effective text.

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